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5 Best Window Treatments for Bedrooms

Window treatments for your bedroom should do more than merely look fashionable. They should perform too.

A dark room is needed for having a good night’s sleep, and according to the Sleep Foundation, blackout window treatments can support in producing a ideal environment. Some can even boost your comfort by including a layer of additional insulation at the window that increases energy efficiency.

No two homes are identical in Jacksonville, so why accept off-the-shelf window treatments? When you work with Louver Shop of Jacksonville, you’ll be hooked up with a local design pro in Jacksonville. During your free consultation, we’ll help you select and make the ideal custom window treatments for your residence.

For the moment, let’s go through our top sellers for best window treatments for bedrooms.

1. Plantation Shutters

Whether you choose wood or polymer, plantation shutters provide a classic style for your bedroom. If you are seeking to include softness or a small bit of added color, you can use shutters with curtains.

With a thick frame and louvers that shut tightly together, shutters set the gold standard in both blackout capabilities and energy efficiency. Custom shutters provide the tightest fit, because they’re made just for your windows. This stops energy loss and keeps out more light, keeping you more comfortable and sleeping better.

When you work with Louver Shop of Jacksonville to design your interior shutters, you can pick the material, color, louver thickness and more. That way, your home can look just like you imagine it.

2. Cellular Shades

With cellular shades from Hunter Douglas, you’ll have fantastic insulating performance plus exclusive blackout features. Also called honeycomb shades, this window treatment comes with insulating layers that keep air at the window.

This barrier that prevents air loss or gain keeps your home comfier. And it could even help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, since your windows are responsible for losing up to 30% of your house’s heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

With Louver Shop of Jacksonville, you can create your own Duette® honeycomb shades by adding these special options:

  • Duette Architella®—Adds increased fabric and insulating air chambers for more comfort.
  • Duette Duolite®—Includes two fabrics in a single shade, such as blackout and light filtering, to deliver the most flexibility.
  • LightLock™—Blocks daylight from coming through cord holes.
  • Smart operating systems—Schedule your shades with only a press of your smartphone.

3. Roller Shades

South-facing windows are fantastic for getting the most out of the sun’s warmth during cold temps. However, that means you’ll also experience more light when it’s early. Roller shades offer the blackout and room-darkening effectiveness you’re after, along with UV protection.

With Hunter Douglas’ large collection of fabrics, you’ll have the ability to make custom shades that work with your home. You can even add two pieces of fabric in a single shade but lower each panel independently. This allows you to allow in limited daylight while blocking the sun’s hazardous rays during the daytime. Or to enjoy full blackout while snoozing.

From cord-free to smart, you’ll have access to a complete group of operating systems that make raising your shades even simpler. When they’re up, you can tuck them away in a small headrail to get a more expansive view of the outdoors.

4. Roman Shades

When you want the softness of drapes but the advantage of shades, Roman shades are an excellent solution. These shades feature premium fabrics when down and tidy folds when open.

With Vignette® from Hunter Douglas, you’ll have a complete range of features and customization possibilities to help you sleep more peacefully. These include:

  • Cord-free for a sleek look that’s also ideal for kids and pets.
  • Your selection of fold looks.
  • A large collection of light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics.
  • The possibility to add a blackout panel that can be hidden during the day and lowered at night.

5. Sheer Shades

Our sheer shades incorporate the most-loved options of three window treatments: curtains, blinds and shades. Silhouette® window shadings come with moveable vanes that sit between your option of fabrics, providing you additional management of sunshine.

Similar to other Hunter Douglas window treatments, you can create your own shades by choosing a Duolite room-darkening roller shade. During daylight hours, the sheer fabrics transform harsh sunshine into a welcoming glow. At night, you’ll have more privacy with the additional roller shade.

At Louver Shop of Jacksonville, we’ve been specializing in making houses like yours even more beautiful since [[year]]. To discover our window treatment options for your bedroom, contact us at 888-428-1415 to request your free consultation. There’s never any commitment, just free access to knowledgeable design recommendations, professional measurements and an all-inclusive price quote.

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