What Window Treatments in Jacksonville are Best for My Home's Architectural Style?
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What Window Treatments in Jacksonville are Best for My Home's Architectural Style?

Ready to discover some new window treatments in Jacksonville for your house, but not certain exactly what you’re striving for? Proceed by researching what goes with your home’s architectural style.

Traditional Architecture

American Craftsman & Farmhouse

These residences are defined by an extra rustic style. They are usually one to two stories, at times spotlighting dormers in the roofs. Supplies usually involve stonework or exposed wood. Countless bear front porches built below an overhanging roof. Complex woodwork and stained-glass windows can also be noticed as details in certain homes.


This home style is one of the oldest and most favored in the United States. The classic style often spotlights straightforward shapes and smoothly balanced looks. This regularly means two- or three-story residences, with grand, rectangular windows with exterior shutters. The shutters can be working or adorning.

There are a lot of variations in style contingent on the region where the house was completed. England and different European countries shaped a number of colonial-style places, constructing lots of individual styles along the way.


One of the best impressive building styles, Victorian homes are full of gorgeous notes that have charmed homeowners for hundreds of years. These households are numerous stories and can have elaborate woodwork, stained glass, towers or large porches on the exterior of the place. A lot are portrayed in less customary colors, making them stand out with other places.

If your residence features any of these classic styles, contemplate plantation shutters. The immaculate lines and customary look are a flawless fit for conventional architectural styles. For an even more traditional style, choose shutters that can be moved into a fold in your window casing.

And if you feel like a touch of modern comfort, several interior shutters can be constructed using a polymer substitute although maintaining the look of wood. LouverWood® shutters last over time and shield three times better than wood shutters for summertime warmth and winter cold.

Contemporary Architecture


Modern-style places have firm lines in their architecture. The majority feature rectangular shapes inside their making and may even omit the traditional pitched roof in favor of flat or curved roofs. Monumental windows are as well a necessary bit of this fashion, as residents like natural brightness. A few may have open floor plans, and they frequently combine pure materials like stone or wood.

These houses work with a range of window treatments. Shutters with grand louvers can fit a contemporary aesthetic and integrate energy effectiveness when created with insulating LouverWood®. The immaculate features work well beside a more present-day style.

Roller shades additionally propose a simple, shining style for modern homeowners. They appear in a variety of fabrics and opacity grades.

Last, sheer shades can offer a levelness of privacy and natural luminescence for homeowners striving to sustain the natural elements of their residence.

Both shade styles can be custom with smart automated systems for easy operation. All you’ll require to do is tap your smartphone to move your window treatments.


Suburban households can be motivated by a assortment of older home styles. Because they vary so much, homeowners boast nearly boundless possibilities for their households. Our Louver Shop of Jacksonville crew can help you taper down what window treatments can perform with your house and decorations.

No matter the style of your house, it’s up to you to choose window treatments that work for your needs. Louver Shop of Jacksonville is glad to help you find the right fit. Call us at 888-428-1415 or request a free, in-home consultation online. We’ll bring the showroom to you.

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